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Way of healing & awakening


Humanist Hypnosis is a form of hypnosis in Consciousness.

The peculiarity of the Humanist Hypnosis is to be reversed: it works “in opening” to generate a hypnotic state without loss of consciousness, but rather through more consciousness of self, of the others and of the world.
The person experiments an “increased state of consciousness” and enjoys all the benefits of hypnosis in therapy and coaching: same hypnotic phenomena (memories access, regressions, therapy, anesthetics, etc.) but directed by the person herself.
The person acts on herself as she wishes, at her own pace, without manipulation nor hidden or subliminal suggestions of the therapist. The protocols are simple and then therapy is perfectly “tailored”.
The Humanist hypnotherapist is a guide that explains and helps, but he never acts “on” the person without her knowledge or understanding. Its role is to support.
Thanks to its features, the Humanist Hypnosis is both a practical therapy (stress, sleep, weight, smoking, etc.) and psychotherapy (malaise, depression, family, etc.) and coaching (systemic, deep action that respects privacy).



Practical Therapy

Stress, Sleep, Weight, Smoking, etc ...



Malaise, Depression, Family, etc ...



Systemic, Deep action that respects privacy

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