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5 CONTINENT MASSAGE - individual treatments & certified 2 days training classes

Why TO RECEIVE the Massage of the 5 Continents ?

The M5C is a combination of several techniques, which strengthens the immune defenses, and allows you to reconnect with yourself.

This therapeutic tool in its own right, allows to restore the balance, and to maintain the optimal state of health of the organism

and this thanks to the energy of magnetism, associated with compositions of specific essential oils.

The first blend is draining and detoxifying, while the second is relaxing, revitalizing and restructuring.

The synergy of these oils awakens natural self-healing processes, which release toxins and emotional memories.

These oils are applied with gentle and rigorous movements, from several techniques, and from different cultures:

Acupressure, Ayurvedic, Californian, Hawaiian lomi-lomi, Swedish, Turkish...

The strong point of the M5C is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and an energy of the Heart, which amplifies its effects 1000 times.

Through these techniques, this biodynamic massage harmonizes body and mind.

It is therefore a well-being massage, but also therapeutic, which provides relaxation and physical and mental relaxation, in an impressive way.

Like psychotherapy, the M5C restores confidence and self-esteem, vitality, peace and happiness.

Natation en Bikini


Citrus Fruits




Spa Piscine


Why TO LEARN the Massage of the 5 Continents ?

Become a Certified Massage Practitioner from 5 continents Massage Federation of the 5 Continents.

Who will combine Holdays & Certified Training Class  ? Training accessible to all and which takes place in just 2 days!

Whether you want:
- Start a new professional activity.
- Have a new massage on your treatment card

You will benefit from a post-training follow-up guarantee.

During this training you receive in addition to learning massage:
- a complete and detailed manual.
- a color board of the protocol process.
- a certificate

 - the registration of your name as a practitioner on the official website of Massage des 5 continents.
- a 1h30 video made by the Massage Federation of the 5 continents.

All this for an investment of only €540 !


OTHER KIND OF MASSAGES - individual treatments


Full body muscle massage (Swedish)

The classic or Swedish massage is one of the most widespread massages in the world. Its movements generally apply to the soft tissues of the body, joints, tendons and muscles.


The benefits of such a massage are physical and psychological: -


 - It relieves chronic and acute pain related to muscle tension

- It provides tone, well-being, relaxation and flexibility of the body

- It facilitates drainage, i.e. the elimination of toxins, thus promoting blood circulation


- It fights against stress, anxiety and depression


Neck & Back Massage

We are all affected by these types of problems, due to bad posture on a daily basis!


- back pain

- Difficulty getting to sleep because of your muscle tension generated by stress?


- Wrong movement leading to muscle damage


- Stretched neck by dint of misusing your back (during prolonged positions or movements, wearing high-heeled shoes, repeating the carrying of heavy loads), our vertebrae cause pain in all the elements located around the spine (spinal column) :

ligaments, posterior joints, muscles.


Regular back massage will help improve posture and posture while replenishing the back with new energies.


It can provide a preventive or soothing solution to help you best support your daily life, disturbed by all these recurring discomforts or pains.


This massage: - relaxes your back muscles - relieves tension - relieves aches - promote good sleep - allows you to find energy throughout your body.

Massage sportif sur la jambe

Dynamic Sports Massage (Legs)

Before, during or after exercise? The three!


Indeed, top athletes often get a massage before a competition or training during break times and at the end of the effort.


It is this last massage at the end of the effort which is the most beneficial and which amateurs should favour.


Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a therapeutic method that uses the body's natural self-healing process.


The foot is a miniature representation of the human body where each area of ​​the foot corresponds to an organ or part of the human body.


​ By manually stimulating these reflex zones, it is therefore possible to act on the organs or functions they represent.


This acupressure technique relieves the body through the foot.

Massage des épaules

Trigger Point Massage

Most people have trigger points.


Due to the many professions that require sitting for eight hours a day, bad postures, inactivity, monotonous and repeated movements, etc., muscle imbalances are increasingly common.


This state of muscle imbalance provides an ideal environment for the formation and activation of trigger points.


Without treatment, a person who suffers from “Trigger Points” is likely to have more and more of them.


A point can cause others either close to or far from the point of origin.


Trigger points don't go away the way they came. It requires specific treatment to get rid of it.


It is good to know that taking medication only relieves the pain. Once the prescription is finished, the pain produced by the trigger points will return!


The best method is still the deep tissue massage.


The Orthotherapist and the sports therapist will identify the active trigger points, and once located, he will then apply strong pressure on these points, each pressure will be continuous and can last up to 60 seconds.


The pressure applied must be very strong, in order to reach and release the trigger points, these being often very deep.


This is why deep massage is so effective, while traditional massage is not.

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